Robbie Williams tribute act charged of doing something very stupid

A impersonator of Robbie Williams has been charged of doing Something Stupid and going back on a supplication to Let Me Entertain You. A tribute to ex Take That star Darren Show appeared at the Hempstead House, Sittingbourne and descended a storm of furious protests.
The forty two year old was charged by members of the sell-out, hundred and seven firm audience of being repeating songs, getting drunk, swearing and forgetting lyrics. Charged as a real perfect evening out for ladies, Mr Show’s ninety minute act was finally cut short, sparking a series of complaints.
Mandy Holdstock, who operates Bapchild hotel, stated that they are absolutely devastated and appalled. He stated that as per the staff, Mr Show had been drinking before he got here and they know, having talked to people, he had 8 pints of lager during the night.
His 1st set was not very bad, but he already was starting to repeat songs and missing out words. The 2nd half went from bad to worse. He repeated that Let Me Entertain You 3 times. When someone told that they have already sung that track before he told them to eff-off, that was heard over mic by everyone.
With the star revealing No Regrets, Mandy stated that a staff signaled to him to finish the show. Mrs Holdstock stated that the invitees paid £35 and, even though Friday’s anticlimax was not actually the mistake of the venue.