Lady Gaga set to confront court battle

Lady Gaga, the US pop singer, could be going to court soon as a judge ruled in grace of a lawsuit filed by the former personal assistant of the singer as she claims that the pop star has failed to make payment some of her overtime pays stemming back to 2009.

Jennifer O'Neill was employed by the 'Applause' star as her personal assistant for a short period in the year 2009 and again for almost a year in February 2010, during that time Jennifer claims she worked overtime but still she has not been received her extra payment for her work.

Gaga sports feathered look

In recent times, Lady Gaga has been carrying a seaside theme. But she is not the kind of person who would stay with the same style for a long time. On Wednesday, the singer came out in a love dress in London. After coming out for fish 'n' chips earlier on Tuesday in a bra and seashells on her hair, the twenty seven year old singer sported another similar hairdo.

Lady Gaga blocks duet track

Music legend Cher has stated that US pop singer Lady Gaga has blocked the release of a duet track that they recorded together. Recently the sixty seven year old singer donated one of her songs The Greatest Hits to Lady Gaga. They recorded the song then, but the track has never seen the light of the day.

In reply to a fan about the song, Cher wrote: "It's done & she [Gaga] doesn't like it, or want it to come out. She's an artist, it's up to her. I'm disappointed 2 (sic)."

Lady Gaga now back on her feet

Recently Lady Gaga has been seen walking on her feet after she spent several weeks bound in a wheelchair after his surgery. The Poker Face star went through a surgery on 20th February after being forced to call off the remaining tour dates on Born This Way Ball tour because of the injury.

Lady Gaga was diagnosed with a severe inflammation of the joints. However, the singer has now proved that she is on the road to recover herself fully after she was spotted walking around the New York City donning in high heel shoes as she was going for her yoga class.

'Anxious' Lady Gaga comforted by Alex Rodriguez

Last week, Lady Gaga was very anxious before her hip surgery; but reports suggest that she was comforted by well known baseball player Alex Rodriguez as he was at the same hospital when Lady Gaga was there for her surgery.

Previous week, the Poker Face singer was at a hospital in New York for her special surgery on her right hip. Recently, she suffered from n inflammation of the joints. It was diagnosed as synovitis and a labral tear that forced the her to call off the rest of her 'Born This Way Ball' tour.

Osbourne criticizes Lady Gaga for donning gun bra

It seems that Sharon Osbourne is not in mood to soften her family’s feud with Lady Gaga. On her Monday episode of The Talk on CBS, the British-born television show host criticized Lady Gaga and suggested that the "Born This Way" singer is obsessed with guns. Sharon even called her fans hideously damaging and violent.

Osbourne told, "Why haven't you, as a responsible young woman, said, 'No violence on my website, no violence, no threats, no violence'?,"

Lady Gaga’s Peruvian ticket sales are low

The official ticket sales figure for Lady Gaga’s much talked about concert in Peru have been unveiled. The Peruvian Association of Authors and Composers revealed that The Fame singer had sold just 17,000 tickets for the show that will be held in a place accommodating 52, 000 people.

Lady Gaga Launches a New Drink

Here is interesting news for all Gaga fans. Lady Gaga, the Queen of Pop and her manager Troy Carter and Terry Richardson have come together to launch ‘Pop Water’, a brand new drink which is going to be a healthy addition compared to the rest of the sugary beverages which are currently available.

Troy revealed that this sudden decision was made because they felt that they wanted to build something which could be related to music and pop culture.

Lady Gaga sports sky-high heels

Recently she has been targeted by PETA for wearing animal fur while she was in Belgium. And earlier today as Lady Gaga walked out of the Hotel Skt. Petri, it appeared that she really does not care what the animal rights group has to speak regarding the flamboyant ensembles.

The twenty six year old singer was spotted while making a grand exit from her hotel in the midst of her screaming rooters in the Denmark capital Copenhagen. But sadly none were as loud that could be compared with the 2 foot high feather and the cleavage revealing animal print mini attire that she donned.

Lady Gaga Turns Godmother

Lady Gaga has agreed to be the doting godmother to Elton John’s son Zachary. She is having a new wing built in her home in the Greek island of Crete for Elton and Davis Furnish’s son Zachary. Lady Gaga was chosen as the godmother since she is a strong supporter of gay rights and is also an active supporter of HIV and AIDS campaign.