Lady Gaga comes out nearly-naked under coat after London concert, reports

Following a huge number of costume alterations for her shows in London, it is not a surprise that pop star Lady Gaga wants to sport next to nothing at all when she hits the stage. The kooky star left O2 Arena in London on Saturday evening, appearing to go almost naked in a leather coat, twitching at the middle to hold her covered up.
Lady Gaga showed bare hot legs and cleavage as she came at her nearby hotel where her fans were waiting for her arrival patiently. The pop singer made a shy exit from her car, showcasing her high cheekbones when she pouted at the audience.
With her hair scraped off her face in a bun, Lady Gaga included some signature glamour with a fizzing headdress which crowned her forehead. She stuck to over the top stage appearance as she revealed her tattooed eyebrows as well as cat eye make-up, with dots under her eyes.
Not very tired from her 3rd London event of the week, the singer set aside the time to speak to her rooters outside her hotel. The brunette clung to fan memorabilia to her chest when posing for selfies as well as reading their cards and gifts.
At present, Lady Gaga is in London for her ArtRave tour’s United Kingdom leg that continues to Sheffield, Birmingham and Glasgow this week. On Thursday, she was caught as she confused her cities when she opened a London show and shouted: 'Hello Manchester.'