Gaga extends her support

Pop sensation Lady Gaga has extended her support to a pregnant teen to give some advice after the teen wrote an emotional request for help on the singer’s site. After reading her message on her fan website, the singer replied to the youngster, asking her to tell her parents about her pregnancy.

In her post the girl wrote: “OMG … I’m pregnant I’m so scared if I tell my parents and mainly my dad he (is) going to kill me I took like 4 test (sic) to prove it but it all came back possve (positive) I’m preganat (sic) omg help please… I know I made a mistake.”

In her reply, the US pop singer asked the teen to tell her parents, everything would be ok. You just need their support right now. She added: “Don’t be scared… Just tell your mom privately… Don’t worry honey don’t be scared. Any decision you make is the right one and you’ll be ok.”

Meanwhile, Troy Carter, the former manager of Lady Gaga, has spoken about being sacked by the singer. Tory, who is often credited with Gaga's rise to fame in the music industry, said that he was not prepared for the ousting that happened on the eve of the release of her ARTPOP album previous November.

He told that it is like you wake up and you work with somebody every day, and then suddenly they are not there anymore. I don't think you're ever prepared to sever that deep of a relationship.