Brian Freeman dedicates his musical evening to Scottish poet Robert Burns

Scottish music, with its traditional and vibrant appeal has remained highly popular throughout the 21st century. Brian Freeman, the talented instrumentalist and singer is all set to dedicate an annual concert to Scottish music, celebrating the birthday of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burn.

Being raised in North California, Freeman had travelled to Scotland 30 years back to find out his family roots, when he got attracted to the soulful Scottish music.

The works of Robert Burn that celebrated friendship, love, work, humor and sympathy for the working class attracted him the most. Robert Burn, born in the year, 1759 was known as Scotland’s favorite son, Bard of Ayrshire as well as the Ploughman poet began composing lyrics and poems whenever he got time from tilling the field. He was among the few to have collected songs that were sung orally among the countryside folks. Freeman says that this great man went on to visit homes and farms and wrote down the Scottish folk songs’ lyrics. Freeman, while talking about Burns’ popularity says that there is probably no one is Scotland who is not aware of him.

Freeman has been dedicating his annual evening of Scottish music to Burns for about 10 years or so. This year’s concert is to be held on the 24th of January Trinity Episcopal Church Ashland from 8 pm. He says that in the first half of the show he will be presenting solo performance of the Scottish poet’s song to show the simple and beautiful manner in which they were written while Burn was working or doing his daily chores. In the second half of the show he will show his musical skills by pairing up with singers Jim Finnegan and Christine Williams.