Andrea Bocelli promotes wine made by former inmates

Andrea Bocelli, the well known Italian singer and winemaker, has lent his name as well as star power to a wine that is produced in part by ex inmates. Frescobaldi has solicited this classical singer, who owns a winery himself and also comes from a long line of winemakers, to serve promote their 2013 Gorgona wine, produced on the Gorgona island, which is the smallest island of Tuscan archipelago off the northwest coast of the country.

Produced with Ansonica and Vermentino grapes, the wine is also prepared with the help of former prisoners from the island, in the aim of providing them work experience and also teaching them regarding viticulture. The program was kicked off previous year and enlisted fifty inmates who had ended serving their time to serve produce two thousand and seven hundred bottles.

Andrea Bocelli is serving to promote the wine bottle by penning a message as well a signing a label. According to reports, the Italian singer stated that this project, which he has decided to back at the request of Lamberto Frescobaldi, entwines 2 of his passions; the vineyard of course, but also the Tuscan archipelago, a true paradise on Earth. Gorgona, the most bewitching of the islands and yet the one that has suffered the most, is worthy of such visionary and enterprising projects. Like this one, to which he gladly offer his support. The wine can be found in Italy, Germany, United States as well as Asian country.