ady Gaga strips as she takes inspiration from Birth Of Venus

Lady Gaga has always quite out of this planet, but now pop star Lady Gaga wants her rooters to come to Venus with her. Recently, Gaga has posed nude for the cover of the album of her newest track. The twenty seven year old singer unveiled a 1st look at cover art and 2 different snippets of her brand new track Venus.

Lady Gaga gave her rooters a 1st listen to her brand new disco beat single earlier on Friday, before unveiling a 2nd section in early hours on Saturday.

Gaga tweeted: 'I wrote 4 hooks in Venus. The snippet is of the first two before the true chorus. The rise before the orgasm.'

While Gaga is expecting to space travel but the cover art brings homage to one of art's classic pictures. Snap by well known American photographer Steven Klein, who has earlier worked with US pop star Madonna, collaborated with Lady Gaga for Alejandro and Fame. The artwork has a series of snaps of a nude Lady Gaga.

It is not known how the snaps would be utilized when the track is unveiled. Still, there already appears to be a standout for the cover. Taking aspiration from Botticelli's well known Birth Of Venus, a naked Lady Gaga is superposed in a bathroom with a shell that corresponded a woman's genitals in great master's day. In other snaps, Lady Gaga stayed nude, slashed up as well as with a scorpion on her face. Another one features a close up of Gaga’s chest along with a bat pinned to it.